Green Advisory Resource Center

The Haskins Company recognizes developing a sustainability program can be a very daunting task for a company to undertake.  It can be very difficult to align and satisfy the environmental, economic, and social requirements.  As part of our value-added services, we have developed Green ARC - a resource center that offers sustainability tools, links, and resources.


To be recognized as a leader in our industry by our customers, peers, employees, and community.

Sustainability Commitment

The Haskins Company is committed to assisting our clients in developing a certifiable sustainability program that is cost competitive, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.  We achieve this through our in-house processes as well as through the products and services we bring to our customers and community.  Our sustainability commitment is integrated into our business strategy and decision making processes.

Sustainability Assessment Process

The eco2SMART Continuum is an assessment tool that will identify the requirements to build, expand and maintain your sustainability program.

Sustainability Continuum