About Us  

It was the love of the wholesale janitorial supply distribution business that engaged Roland Haskins to embark on his own career. Roland and his wife Caroline created The Haskins Company, Inc. on November 7, 1994. With the enthusiasm of friends and family, they reveled in the opportunity to bring to Augusta a wholesale distributor with imagination and integrity mutually beneficial for both the customer and their company. The Haskins Company, Inc. seriously considers the genuine interest of their customer’s aspirations, needs and problems.

From our first customer, a meat processing plant, to our existing 1500 plus clients in Augusta, Savannah and surrounding areas, we have evolved into a complete distribution company covering all aspects of sanitary & facility maintenance, paper, plastic, disposable food service and packaging supplies.

Our success is due not only to our devoted customers but also our loyal employees. Our dedicated staff embraces our ideals and goals. In 2001, Brian Haskins joined the company and currently serves as President. His youthful insight and implementation of modern technology has established efficient day to day operations allowing us to best serve our customers. His individualism and our employee's dedication, coupled with Roland and Carol's 30 years of industry experience, make this a unique combination to our marketplace.

The Haskins Company, Inc. relies on the originality of past experiences to develop and support innovative programs for our industry. Our Mission, Vision, Core Values and Sustainability Commitment focus on our goal of ultimate customer service and consultation. These processes along with our vendor partnerships allow us to assist our customers in providing a safer and more environmentally friendly place for work, life and play.

The Haskins Company, Inc. has enjoyed the first twenty years of business and is more excited than ever about our future and those that share it with us. We truly exemplify the dream of America's small business institution.

Cost In Use & ROI Analysis Programs

Keeping a facility clean is so much more than buying cleaning supplies and equipment. It's about improving the process—making it faster & easier for the staff to get the job done right with the best results possible.

Your account manager becomes your cleaning program partner… not your sales rep. Here is a sampling of some of our analysis:

  • Chemical Estimator
  • Floorcare Chemical Estimator
  • Equipment ROI Estimator
  • Specialist Cleaning Estimator
  • Zone Cleaning Estimator
  • Facility Paper Usage Calculator
  • And Much, Much More!

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Inventory Management

No worries. Out of your mind; in our site. You set the level and we maintain it. The Haskins Company, Inc. uses customized Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) reports and customer specific Order Planners to assist you in properly managing your inventory.